Jesse James Jaime - 'No Problems Accidental Expectations' [(JjJ)'s Mix Show #2] Released Today 01/26/2021

"No Problems Accidental Expectations" [(JjJ)'s Mix Show #2] is a one-track compilation, to avoid interruption.

Here is the track listing:

01. Life Will Get Better (Original Mix)

02. You Are Bluffing (Original Mix) (Merger)

03. I Keep Keeping It Up [(JjJ)’s EDM Mix]

04. Mesmerized (Ah, Ah, Ah) [(JjJ)’s Big Room EDM Mix #1]

05. Spectrum Fantasy (Original Mix) (Merger)

06. No Problems Accidental Expectations Megamix #1 [(JjJ)’s Original Mix)

07. Letting Go Of You [(JjJ)’s Gutted Big Room EDM Mix #1]

08. Time To Wait For You [(JjJ)’s EDM Mix]

09. Pronounced Jesse James Jaime [(JjJ)’s Gutted Big Room EDM Mix #1]

10. If You Could Trust Me (Original Mix) (Merger)

11. I Need A New Mix 3.0 [(JjJ)’s Midway EDM Mix]

12. You Are The One I Want [(JjJ)’s Gutted Big Room EDM Mix #3]

13. What Can I Say 3.0 [(JjJ)'s 'Count On Me' House EDM Anthem Mix]